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How to tell if the PTC site is a scam

on Mon 8 Aug - 2:41
How to know if a PTC site is a SCAM?
Well here's how:

1: First of all, try searching them @ Google
2:Then try on ptc investigation
3: see their forum and payment proofs that has been made by members.
4:look at their forum and look for complaints.

If the site has too many complaints, stay away from it as soon as possible because this usually leads to Site closure

How to know if a PTC site is a Scam (another way):

1: See site stats (Total paid outs, total members, etc...)
2: See forum discussions
3: See click rates

- Usually, PTC sites offer 0.005-0.01 per ad click.

REMINDER: IF THE SITE OFFERS MORE THAN 0.02 in click rates, it is already a SCAM.

No PTC site can offer more than 0.02 except if they offer membership upgrade benefits that says so.

Stay away from sites that say "$10 per click and $10,000 min. payout" .

This is obviously a SCAM.

Compare the advertising rates with the click rates. If the site is offering 1 cent for one click, the advertising rates should be around $ 12 for 1000 visits.

My best tip is to choose sites that offer 0.01 per click.

Also, choose sites that has good reputation and good site stats.

This is to become more confident with the site and to ensure that you won't be wasting time with the site and more importantly, MONEY

BE safe,keep others safe.


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